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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  October 21, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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giants fans have never stopped believing. their team may have been the last in the national league to qualify as a wild card but still san francisco's boys of summer were able to silence the crowd in pittsburgh with one swing of the bat. >> and a curve ball is hit high and deep to right field. it is gone! brandon crawford silences the crowd here in pittsburgh with a grand slam. >> and again in washington after six hours and 23 minutes of brandon belt homer helped get the win in a record 18 unking game the longest in post season history. it was onto the nl cs where it was another unlikely hero to lift the g men to a world series. >> travis is going into right and they win the pennant! .
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>> look a bin bunch of cockroaches. you got to kill them all off. if you get one you got to get them all. >> it's such a creepy anational jay but it's so true. you got to get them all. >> once again the giants are taking the national spotlight. >> at this point we are about an hour away from game one of the world series. >> which means let's go back to kansas city where scott reese is standing by. once again, scott? >> well giants fans we know are pretty savvy when it comes to san francisco baseball but what do they know about kansas city? time to find out as we play the most popular trivia game know your opponents. >> which song won the grammy for song of the year in 2014. >> i have no idea. >> i live in hawaii. >> i think it was believe and i think it's because it's a san
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francisco song. >> lord, royals. >> you got it. >> how old were you the last time the royals went to a world series. >> that's kind of personal don't you think. >> maybe five. >> 15. >> how old were you the last time the giants went to the world series. >> i was 42. >> more unsightly royal blue or dodger blue. >> dodger blue, god awful. >> it's the same to me. royal blue. >> dodger blue for sure. >> dodger blue obviously no problem with that one. >> what are burnt ends? >> burnt ends? i have no idea. >> i don't know. burnt ends. >> it's a kansas city thing. >> something to do with weed? >> they are the little pieces of ribs, awesome, really awesome. >> which u.s. president was born in kansas city?
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[buzzer] >> coolidge. >> teddy rose very little. >> i know that's wrong. >> i was born on that day. harry truman, may 8. >> what is the other city that encompasses kansas city. >> you say that like it's obviously but we've had people getting it wrong. >> that would have to be kansas. >> which two last names names appear on the rosters of the giants and the royals. >> duffy. was that too soon? >> cane. >> who is the only manager ever to win his first eight play off games? >> kansas city. >> yeah the manager. i forget his name. he's a good guy though, seems like it.
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>> ned yost also the worst manager in baseball and it's going to show tonight. go giants. >> it would in fact be ned. we thank all the giants fans for paying along. there was one more potential contestant we approached refused to play because he played hookie from work and called in sick. instead he came here to watch the game and he's not the only one who may have told a slight fib but don't worry your identity remains safe. we'll have more as we get closer to first pitch but for now back to the studio. >> allie you heard a couple of people and were telling us they were talking tout and didn't want to be on camera. >> that's right. we have camera shy people.
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>> we found giants fans lucky enough to have the game brought to their office. at the tech start up if we the manager set-up a big t.v. to watch at 5 and employees were allowed and encouraged to watch at their laptop. display boards and computers screens will be on and multiple tasking and watching the game will be encouraged. >> i got this set-up and it was like we got this and we'll switch it over once it's time and maybe watch some of the pregame show and get everybody hyped up. >> the vice president basically said if we didn't do this people would find a way to leave early so we might as well make it easy for them.
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this is a neighborhood bar in north beach. game time isn't for another hour or so there. are a few dedicated fans. mary you were saying you have your own business so you can set your own hours. >> sort of. >> so you didn't have to worry about skipping out early. >> correct. >> as we just showed you not everyone can do that but people at 5 will be on their way home or at some cases still at work and able to watch that game at work come 5:00 p.m. tonight. come san francisco allie ktvu news. >> he she was like eyes on the t.v. mary margaret i like it. as they always do the teams have made a bet the mayor of san francisco and the mayor of kansas the interlocutory decree of dissolution of marriage. the wager involves food community service and coming to the winning city. with a giants win that means the kansas city mayor will sing
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and serve food to the homeless here in san francisco. on the very off chance the royals win our san francisco mayor ed lee will be reading to third graders in kansas city. each city gave up the best offerings they are will be sending some sour dough bread and ice cream and coffee to kansas city but if mayor lee wins the bet he'll be receiving kansas barbecue, burned ends in there and jazz music records. all all looks good and speaking of good the weather looks good in kansas city. all the live shots we've been showing you today beautiful blue skies low 70s at this hour. tomorrow looks just as good as today but i want to talk about game three when they come back home in the bay area because we have rain a possibility in the
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forecast. yesterday at this hour the models had predicted the possibility of rain moving in early on. that has actually slowed down and it looks like by 11:00 p.m. we may still have dry conditions so at the moment we are calling for mostly cloudy skies and breezy because the winds tend to pick up ahead of the system but mainly dry. we are still a few days out. this could change as we get into the next couple of days. we are watching and we'll be doing just that. >> watching very closely. let's hope the forecast plays out. we have goat great aerial shots of san francisco, spectacular pictures. >> everybody moved to california right after that. i've now seen travis' home run dozens of times in the all time moment in giants history but there's a foot note involving the giants starting pitcher for tomorrow night's
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became can jake peavy. why could have been a very embarrassing moment. mark ibanez has that story. >> travis hits one into right. the giants win the pennant! . >> i remember going out and giving him a high five and i don't remember. i remember seeing some but i guess it was jake between second and third. i didn't know about the rules about guys touching you so i'm trying to push him out of the way. >> you feel like a jack [bleep] and go all the heck with it. >> what probably and jake are referring to is a brief encounter the two had as the hero rounded second base and headed for third as his home run. technically a teammate is not allowed to have any physical contact with another player before he touches the plate. that little detail was losed on peavy amidst the pandemonium.
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>> i just want to be respectful and i wish i would have done different at the end of the day. no deshawn disrespect. i was as happy as i could be in the moment. >> he let emotions rule the moment. anyone who sees him pitch knows dramatics are a big part of his game. don't expect him to calm down. >> i have children at home. i understand there's the role model aspect. people think i'm out there yelling cuss word after cuss word. a lot of my teammates end up saying god bless it a lot. i can't apologize for passion. >> take it back out to the roads here for a quick peek at
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live traffic because i'm sure people are heading home early. pictures of highway 101. they are more crowded than they usual of i shall are at this point. taking it east this is 24 as you are heading out to walnut creek. things look good and perhaps the east bay crowd is going to be watching at work on their computers like we are. stay with us. giants still believing. more to come.
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to have a group of guys that you feel like can get the job done when the game is on the line. >> they sure do. buster posey there. the giants have scored some of the strangest runs this post season but they've come out ahead and are in the world series now. >> that's all that matters. the rival isn't keeping fans from sitting down almost together to watch the game soon. >> and david stevenson shows us two bars one in san francisco and one in kansas city using technology to bring royals and giants fans tonight even though they are 1500 miles apart. >> yes. lefty o'doolittles open back in 1958 but with the strong ties to the team because the giants moved to town around the same time the owners are making room
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for kansas city fans at the back of the house. we've ventured into enemy territory where they have set- up a live web camera feed from walsh's corner cocktails. that's a baseball bar in kansas city making room for giants fans in that city. they can see in lefties and do friendly hack willing back in forth. we've seen both sides waving dusk brooms to each other. he lives a couple blocks away from the bar you are seeing there on the screen. >> i'm there for dinner and drinks and to play shuffle board all the time so it's pretty crazy. i'm going to see some friends and neighbors and my wife might even be there so it's pretty cool. >> fans are of course out in union square. this woman who attended their games since early days showed us her manager featuring
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starting line up. the san francisco mayor's office told me it's looking at the possibility of broadcasting some of the games for thousands of fans to watch together at the civic center. it will have to be an out of town game for that to happen. fans are gathering here at the bar sitting down having a friendly rivalry but looking forward to watching the game tonight. reporting live david stevenson ktvu news 2. it's one of the most beautiful parks in all of baseball, certainly different compared to the park in kansas city but at&t park has this very exclusive club, it's called the gotham club members only right behind the out field like a speak easy. >> we aren't a member there but they did find it in their hearts to let us in today. claudia i hope you are on your
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best behavior when you are there. >> let me show you where we are. we don't have much time thursday is the cove out here so you can see how people get in. members check in right there. then you can see their awesome view right there and they open up those gates for batting practice so they really get up close and personal. come on in. members only. we let our photographer go up there first so he doesn't trip but as he goes up the stairs this is where it all begins. there are pretty cool things. those are the founding members about 600 of them but 850 members now. they are all in here ready to watch the game. this is the out of town score board, the working scoreboard you see if you are ever been to the game and they tell me the members get to change numbers
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which is so cool. come on down here. you can see rally rags are in effect and everyone has gotten a seat and if you look out check out their view what they can see out of these windows. not a bad view of the game, pretty awesome if you ask me. we are running out of team. if we can keep on going we are going to walk all the way through here. say hi and then we are going pass through here go through these doors because i want you to see this place. outside it's pretty awesome here and look at these seats. this is where people get up close and personal. they say they feel like they have a close personal relationship with hunter pence because it just keeps going. i want to show you this very last part here through the door. this is it the only place in at&t park where you can sit down and have a full meal. look. there we go.
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obviously not supercrowded today because everyone happens to be in kansas city but the folks here don't care if it's not a home game because they are watching it here at home. really quickly there's a place upstairs that has a bowling alley and a pool table and i did bowl a strike today. let's send is t back to you. >> that is the coolest club i've ever seen. >> quick question how much does it cost. >> it's very cool. >> what does it cost. >> $2,500. that's the fee to get into the club and then $1,200 is a year is what the annual fees go for and then is goes up. not bad. they have 150 members and are going to cap it at 1,000 so 150 left if you want one. >> get your application in right away. >> what a great club. >> did you notice she was not even out of breath. >> she's in good shape. >> i want to check with her
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photographer to see how he or she was doing. now to the pictures and tweets. we've been asking you to use the hash tag and so many of you have been sending your photos. this is one of my favorites. this is the little pugh dressed up for the game. also another picture of the human variety. here we have three guys all dressed up with the orange wiggs on, the rally toy and they are decked out in their giants best gearing up for the game. we did see a manicure and we have seen two of them so far today. take a close look you see the giants logo and a lot of black and orange. this of course could be done today and taken down once we win the series but if you want to talk about true deep love more than skin deep take a look at this guy. giants baseball on his arm. that doesn't wash off.
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talk about dedication. >> no kidding. there are really dedicating fans out there. want to show you this. san francisco has the summer of love in kansas city there's 18 18th home to blues and barbecue since the 1920s. and san francisco is home to celebrities including actor shawn penn. >> famous people from kansas city singer melissa either ridge and actor paul rudd. ♪ [ music ]
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travis hits one into right! the giants win the pennant! . >> what a great story. here he gets released we sign him he goes up and hears our every day left fielder and ends up getting the home run to get us to the world series. i couldn't be happier for him. everybody, just a gutty effort through all this and i couldn't be prouder of these guys. >> story book i tell you. great story. of course the man who made this day happen. >> and to think earlier this year you just heard saying he was in the minors and called a
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friend of his in tears and just said maybe i should look for another career. that was then, this is now. he's the starting left fielder for the san francisco giants in the world series. can't script it better than that. >> giants fans very happy with the decision to keep playing baseball. we see the starting line up and they are going to go out there and play game one of the world series so let's go back to mark and scott in kansas city. guys? >> thanks a lot joe and the guy you just heard speak a moment ago, browse, is one of the big reasons i am giving the giants an advantage in this series. i have total faith in this guy to punch all the right buttons. >> he does it year in and year out. what he does with regard to the bull pen is nothing short of masterful. ned yost hasn't been in this situation before so that's a big difference in the world
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series. >> another thing is the royals give them all the credit in the world they've won eight in a row to get here with a clean sweep right into the world series but the fact is they have not yet been tested in a game six or a game seven or in a series right down to crunch time. they got to learn how to breathe and the giants have been there. >> the closest you could argue they have come with was in the wild card game against the a's because it was win or go home. here's my anational jay. they are feeling unbeatable. he can't be stopped but as soon as you cut him all of a sudden you think maybe you are vulnerable but if the giants step in they may win this series quickly. >> there you go. it's all about black and orange. that's the theme from kansas city right here. we send it back to you and we'll see you after the ball game. >> first pitch is 40 minutes away. thanks so much for joining us. stay with us and our mobile app
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you'll find complete coverage of the giants the world series and video and slide shows. >> keep sending us your pictures and we'll share them here on the air. >> fox sports coverage of game one
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